Medicine II

Even when mental patients had someone who cared enough to step in when they learned about mistreatment many times the doctors would explain it was the newest treatment & that it was the best thing for them even though it seamed to the untrained eye as painful. These doctors would regularly puncture the brain of a patient with an ice pick to lobotomize them. There are well documented cases of Doctors using electro shock therapy on patients. Several people are known to have died while under the care of a physician while they were doing experiments in the name of science.

Archaic as it seems these physicians learned large amounts of knowledge about the human body. With every new bit of information they progressed into unexplored areas of medicine. Soon they developed medicines & compounds that they made people take. These experiments too yielded results. Even though they were said to have been doing great & terrible things they did learn from the experiences. Soon it was easy to see that they could have greater effect on patience with less brutal method but all the while the they studied & learned from what they made people go through. That too was a very important time for medicine. Many very important things were learned through these experiments which lead to much more advanced medicine which could then be built upon to advance the field. There is no real justification for all of the bad things that people went through at the hands of the people they were entrusted too but at least it can be said that those atrocities resulted in knowledge that later helped to change the world for the better.

To this day we see similar things happening on a much smaller scale. Think about medicine commercials on your local TV station. After the list of benefits, which are usually limited, there is always a list of possible side effects. Those side effects are listed because this government approved medicine has inflicted these hellish effects on somebody during the testing of the drug. Keep in mind that many of these side effects are worse than that which they cure. There is surely many more medicines which have caused many worse effects than many of the ones that actually hit the market. Again, you would think that they might have a second thought about the damage being done but they feel that the greater good is at stake & that justifies them they feel.

Many people know about this first hand. And this experience can be traumatic for the individual as well as the family. Sometimes asking for help from someone is what is needed when the closest loved ones aren’t sure what to do. This is where someone can be helpful. Talking to someone who can give you good advice, who has experience talking with lots of people with lots of issues can be comforting to everyone involved.

In any case the combination of the 2 seem to be the answer for the best possible treatment & outcome when a person finds themselves ill. We expect that the 2 fields will not only continue in their own direction but there will always be people who are combining the 2 for maximum results.

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