Yin Yang

To use an everyday example, extreme heat or cold is dangerous, and consistent high levels of one or the other will likely lead to physical problems. The same goes for light and dark; we’ve known for decades about the mental and physical effects of living in Arctic latitudes where the sun never rises or sets for long period. And these are but the most obvious examples… Not the only examples by any means.

Two opposites each containing the seed of the other at the center of itself. What greater symbol could we find to represent balance? The male with just a seed of its counterpart within & the female aspect also containing the very seed of it’s polar opposite within itself. When this symbol is studies we find out that there is much more than meets the eye. Even with all that we have come to learn from the information age some of the oldest & wisest of our of our insights are as old as time itself. Passed down from person to person through the ages for humanity to use when the information becomes necessary. Keep in mind new scientific discoveries a lending to support to some of the oldest secrets known to man everyday.

The yin and yang are said to each hold the seed of the other equal and opposing force. They are balanced and in contrast but not without a very strong unmistakable connection to one another. As a matter of fact without one the other would definitely take a different form and would likely not exist at all. The ideology has taken root in western culture as well. There has been a swelling of people that identify with the ideology in recent years. The term goes all the way back to the 4th century BC. It can be trace back to the school of Zou Yan. His teachings were most associated with these theories. Although the Yin and Yang are not mentioned in the surviving texts from the Zou Yan the actual school was know as the Yin Yang Jia or The Yin and Yang School.

Many have adopted the symbol itself without a full understanding of its meaning. It has become a symbol in pop culture. Many people currently identify with just the visually appealing aesthetic of the image. It does hold some appealing contours. I myself have always found it appealing which is a major factor in my decision to study it. I guess you could say that if I wasn’t drawn to it visually first it may not have captivated my attention in such an astounding manor.

I highly recommend a deeper and more complex look into the entire ideology behind the symbol if you are not familiar.